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© 2019 by Naomi Woolfson.

Vision For Your Life Retreat


“Wow, what a day. I feel positive about what I can do to make changes in my life. It was fantastic to meet with other mums in the same position as me and perfect to take some time for me.” Francesca Hiscock

“I was expecting a fair amount from the day but got so much more than I anticipated! Every detail of the retreat was lovely, down to the little ribbons on the workbooks. Very comfy venue and delicious food.” Lucy Dobson


“A brilliant day to stop and reflect. Loved it! Thanks!” Jess Hamer


“Naomi has a very nurturing style and it was helpful to think about what I want to achieve in a group of supportive individuals.” Heather Stamford 


“It was really good to have space for me, and guidance tell me focus on what I want from life, and how I can achieve those goals.” Emma Taylor

Six glorious hours to reset, reconnect, re-focus and rest.



Email me to register your interest. 

10am - 4pm

Henley Cricket Club, 107-108 Remenham Lane, Henley-on-Thames, RG9 3DB. 


The saying goes that the days are long but the years are short when mothering tiny humans. For many of us the days can go by in a haze of mundane routine and before you know it another month has passed and it doesn’t feel like much has changed.


Perhaps you’re feeling restless and like you want to be achieving more. You want to feel more connected and purposeful but at the same time have less stress and feel in control of that to do list.

I invite you to join me for a one day retreat.


We will start the day with a cup of tea or coffee that you actually get to drink hot while meeting the other guests and gearing down to a slower pace for the day.


Our first mindful practice will bring us together as a group and allow you to reconnect with your true self. This meditation will assist you in leaving everything and everyone else at the door and fully step into this space which is all about you.


Next you will be guided in a creative writing exercise to create clarity around what you want less of in your life and what you want more of. Refocus with these insightful guided journaling exercises and create an inspirational vision for your life. 


I will also introduce the More Mojo for Mums intentional life workbook. Prompts that allow you to outline how you want to be spending your time. You will complete these during the workshop and then I will teach you how to use the 'Sunday Sheet' which is a 10 minute sheet you complete at the weekend to set you up for the week ahead. This is a system I have been working with now for a few months and find that I am spending more time doing the things I love and less time on the things I don’t while being more productive. Includes tips from my experience of working in project management and organising 100K projects with a 12 week turn around.


A delicious lunch will be provided on site to give you time to chat and connect with like-minded women.


Then we deeper into the practice of focusing on what we desire by creating a vision board that will guide your decision-making following the retreat. I will share the truth behind why creating vision boards allows some people attract fantastic experiences into their lives and why it doesn’t work for others. You will create your own vision board during the workshop, either with good old fashioned scissors and glue or using your phone/tablet. Even if you think you are the least creative or crafty person out there I promise you that the way I teach this will have you fired up in no time.


And we finish with a nap!


Yes you read that right. It’s not just the kids who need a nap to recharge and reset. We end with a beautiful yogic nap! 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is the equivalent of 3 hours deep sleep. I had originally put this straight after lunch but actually the idea is to stay conscious (awake) while guiding your body to a state of deep relaxation (so don’t panic all of you who can’t or don’t sleep during the day). 


I am so excited to be able to share these fantastic techniques that I am finding indispensable in my own life as a mum of two young children.

Retreat includes


  • Delicious lunch and hot and cold drinks.

  • Printed workbook for the guided writing exercises.

  • 15 minute Yoga Nidra MP3 so you can continue to use this restorative meditation following the retreat.

  • You will create a vision board during the retreat either using magazine cuttings or digitally. (If digitally I will print an A3 version for you on the day so you will have it to take home and display.)


My Expertise


I’m a cognitive hypnotherapist, emotional freedom technique practitioner and coach. I work with clients on a range of issues including combating anxiety, building confidence and gaining clarity in their lives and businesses.


I have been running my own business since 2013 which generates a regular passive income. I have had glowing feedback from my workshops and courses.


I’m creating this retreat as this is exactly what I needed and would have loved to attend last year when I was feeling overwhelmed and conflicted as to how to create balance in my life. Over the past 12 months I sought out teachers, coaches and courses to deepen my understanding of matrescence (like adolescence but for mums) and share my learning and experiences via my podcast and the More Mojo for Mums chat group. 


If you are looking for ways to reconnect with yourself and start incorporating things into your life that will allow you to feel less stressed and more joyful then join us for the next retreat.




Email me to register your interest. naomi@embracefertility.co.uk.