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We all know that lack of sleep is hugely detrimental, not just to our health but to our quality of life. Not getting enough sleep can impact our metabolism and hormones which then has a knock-on effect to our moods, weight gain, memory and can lead to serious health issues.


So what if I told you that in just 15 minutes you can achieve the equivalent of a full hours deep sleep? Interested? 


Introducing Yoga Nidra


Relaxing, restorative, restful, three of my favourite words. This 15min MP3 I have created for you has the potential to restore your energy, counterbalance sleep deprivation, improve cognitive awareness and is the perfect excuse to take some time for you. 


Scientific studies have shown that people practising Yoga Nidra experience;

  • a reduction in tension and anxiety

  • an increase in the release in dopamine in the brain

  • and improvements in heart rate variability. (1)


The practice is used;

  • as treatment for insomnia

  • to improve quality of sleep

  • as an intervention in treating chronic pain

  • it can be used to heal from traumatic experiences

  • and a recent study found that it may even reduce the symptoms of diabetes and help control blood glucose levels. (1)


When to listen


At any point during your day - For many people sleeping during the day is either impossible or undesirable as they wake up feeling groggy and disorientated. Daytime napping can also have a negative impact on your nighttime sleep.


Waking from a yogic nap is quite different, even if you actually sleep (your intention is to remain awake while practising) you are most likely to feel energised and clear headed on rising.


I highly recommend squeezing this practice into your lunch hour to give you a boost ready for the next part of your day.


Or simply listen to the MP3 when you get into bed at night. This will allow you to clear your mind, release tension from your body and set you up for a much higher quality nights sleep.


For full article and references check out the podcast or blog:


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Yoga Nidra Short Practise