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5 Ways to Feel Better Now

I just put this little support pack together for a friend of one of the More Mojo for Mums members and thought I would share it in case you or a friend are in need of a little comfort or support.

1. Pop your email address in to the sign up box to receive a three-minute reset button MP3 and an invitation to the More Mojo for Mums Facebook group. This group is a space to share exactly how you’re feeling with other mums who have been through tough times and can offer amazing guidance and support. Listen to the Reset Button MP3 at least once a day to start building up your resilience. It is packed full of mindbody techniques that I find indispensable in my own life.

2 .Check out my podcast for ramblings on motherhood. I especially recommend How to you supercharge your sleep in just 15 minutes. Every new mum should be taught how to do this. You can either listen via your fave podcast player or check out the blog version. If you are interested in trying this technique then you can download the 15 minute MP3 from my store.  It is very easy to listen to.

3. Another MP3 that would be useful to listen to if you are feeling anything less than AOK and the one I recommend for all of my one-to-one clients is coping and comfort.  This is the video which is included with the MP3 so you can start using these little techniques now.

4. Emotional freedom technique is one of the most powerful tools I use here is a video for you all about it.

5. I’m a trained cognitive hypnotherapist and mindfulness coach. If you would like support that is unique to you and your situation then email me naomi@embracefertility.co.uk to book for a free 15 minute chat to discuss how I can support you. I trained as a therapist after I hit rockbottom with anxiety and depression while going through infertility. I then suffered with postnatal depression after my second baby was born and I turned back to the techniques that served me so well in the past. 

I’m given you loads of information here but feel free just to drop me an email and have a chat whenever you like.

Naomi xxx