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© 2019 by Naomi Woolfson.

Hi I'm Naomi

I'm a mum of two ginger babies, Jasper who is 4 and Evie who is 2.


I inspire and uplift women on their journeys to and through motherhood.


With my writing, podcast, MP3s, courses and coaching I offer insight and support to women who are struggling with the realities of trying to conceive, pregnancy and motherhood.


We each have an idea in our heads of how these periods of our life is going to be and then when we don't sail through conception, pregnancy or motherhood in an Instagram worthy way we can feel at best disillusioned and at worst depressed.


Embrace Fertility was birthed from my own journey through infertility, IVF and miscarriage. I started blogging about the anxiety and depression I was experiencing.


Then as I found relief from bringing mindfulness into my life I started a support group for the Fertility Network charity and this led me to retrain as a therapist. I created the Embrace Fertility Method course and work with clients 1 to 1.


I support women through pregnancy and birth at Embrace Bump to Baby and now with More Mojo for Mums connect with mums like myself who are struggling with what it means to be a mother.


Not what it means to be a mum in this day and age but what it means personally to each of us. What our own hopes and dreams were and how they have changed now we are responsible for other tiny souls.


My intention is to empower women to realise that it's not about reading another fertility/pregnancy/parenting book, it's about connecting with yourself on a deeper level and from that space moving forward. 

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